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AMAZONIA – 100% Arabica Espresso

29.10 / kg
Roasted coffee from fine Arabica varieties, with a unique taste profile that awakens the senses. It has a rich, woody

ASERRI – 100% Arabica Espresso

32.50 / kg
An intense coffee, like its seed! It comes from hard coffee beans due to the altitude where it is grown.

CERRADO – Espresso

29.10 / kg
Roasted coffee from Arabica and Robusta varieties, with a seductive fruity aroma and citrus notes. It is distinguished by a

Filter Coffee – Caramel

28.80 / kg
The SAVANNA COFFEE Caramel filter coffee is a special aromatic coffee. A special taste for you who are looking for

Filter Coffee – Hazelnut

28.80 / kg
Coffee lovers have ranked filter coffee in the first place of their preferences for years. The unsurpassed aroma of the

Filter Coffee – Vanilla

28.80 / kg
The vanilla-flavored filter coffee of THE SAVANNA COFFEE is a flavor so well known and loved for all hours of

Greek Coffee Blonde

19.00 / kg
A coffee with subtle aromas and a light taste. A light roasting of the meticulously selected beans of blonde Greek

Greek Coffee Classic

17.00 / kg
The “classic value” that won over the hearts of all Greeks and not only. A coffee blend from Brazil and

Greek Coffee Dark

19.00 / kg
Latin America and Africa worked together for this perfect blend. The intense roast and the dark color are the characteristics

JUNGLE – Espresso

28.00 / kg
Roasted coffee from Arabica and Robusta varieties, with a strong aroma and nut notes. It will captivate you with its

JUNGLE – Espresso Decaffeinated

29.50 / kg
Roasted coffee from the best quality decaffeinated varieties Arabica and Robusta from Ethiopia, Uganda and other African countries. A harmonious

JUNGLE – Filter Coffee Classic

26.00 / kg
A filter coffee of timeless value that you can enjoy at any time of the day. It has a balanced

Enjoy every moment of the day with the unique blends and unsurpassed aromas of freshly ground coffee at The Savanna Coffee!